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Volvo truck DEF pump 21332701,21332695

Volvo truck DEF pump 21332701,21332695


OE Ref.: 21332701, 21332695, 21332701-P02,21332701P02, 0444042009 21332701, 21577507.

Application: Volvo truck

OEM: Acceptable

Volvo DEF pump Replacement:


Before replacing the urea pump from Volvo, make sure it is the actual cause of any issues. Look for warning lights on the dashboard, error codes related to the SCR system, or reduced engine performance. A malfunctioning pump may not deliver the correct amount of DEF into the exhaust system.


Always ensure the vehicle is turned off and in a secure position before working on it. Wear protective gloves and eyewear, as DEF is corrosive.


Locate the urea pump, usually near the DEF tank.

Disconnect any electrical connectors from the pump.

Remove the inlet and outlet hoses connected to the pump. Be prepared for some DEF to spill out.

Unbolt and remove the pump from its mounting position.


Install the new pump in the same position, ensuring it is securely mounted.

Reconnect the inlet and outlet hoses.

Connect any electrical connectors.

Refill the DEF tank if needed and check for any leaks.

5.System Reset:

Depending on the vehicle, you might need to reset the SCR system using a diagnostic tool or follow a specific procedure to clear any error codes related to the old DEF pump from Volvo.


Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect the DEF pump and surrounding components for any signs of wear, leaks, or damage.

7.Keep the DEF Tank Filled:

Always ensure that the DEF tank has sufficient fluid. Running out can lead to engine derating or other performance issues.

8.Use Quality DEF:

Always use DEF that meets the appropriate standards (e.g., ISO 22241). Low-quality DEF can cause deposits or damage to the SCR system.

9.Clean Spills:

If DEF spills onto the vehicle or the ground, clean it up immediately. It can crystallize and potentially damage vehicle components.


If storing DEF, keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

11.Avoid Contamination:

Ensure that no foreign substances enter the DEF tank, as contaminants can damage the pump and the SCR system.


In summary, regular maintenance and prompt attention to any issues with the urea pump ensure that the SCR system operates effectively, helping diesel trucks meet stringent emission standards. If you’re unsure about any procedures or encounter complications, it’s recommended to consult a professional mechanic.

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