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Truck Volvo engine mount 20399980,20399992

Truck Volvo engine mount 20399980,20399992




OE Ref.: 20399980, 20399992

Application: Volvo truck

Tips of Volvo truck engine mount replacement



New engine mounts (specific for your Volvo model and OEM recommended)

Basic hand tools: wrenches, ratchets, sockets, jack, and jack stands

Safety gear: gloves, safety glasses, and safety shoes.



Park your Volvo truck on a flat, stable surface. Engage the parking brake.

Put on safety gear, including gloves and safety glasses.

Notice: Always perform automotive work in a well-ventilated area.

Lift the Car:

Lift the front of your Volvo using a jack and secure it with jack stands.

Notice: Always use manufacturer-recommended jacking points to avoid damaging your Volvo or causing injury.


Locate the Engine Mounts:

Locate the main engine mounts, typically found on both sides of the engine.

Notice: Be aware that the exact position and number of engine mounts might differ across Volvo models.


Support the Engine:

Place a jack with a block of wood (to distribute load and protect the engine surface) under the engine oil pan. Apply slight upward pressure to support the engine.

Notice: Directly jacking up the engine without protection can damage the oil pan.

Remove the Damaged Engine Mount:

Disconnect any electrical connections, hoses, or brackets interfering with removal.

Remove the bolts securing the engine mount to the engine.

Remove the bolts fastening the engine mount to the car frame or subframe.

Extract the engine mount.

Notice: Directly jacking up the engine without protection can damage the oil pan.


Install the New Engine Mount:

Position the new mount.

Reinstall the bolts to the frame or subframe without tightening them fully.

Secure the mount bolts to the engine without full tightening.

Once aligned correctly, tighten bolts according to manufacturer’s torque specifications (always refer to the service manual).

Notice: Ensure the new mount’s orientation matches the old mount.



Reconnect any electrical connections, hoses, or brackets.

Gradually lower the engine off the supporting jack.

Notice: Ensure all connections are secure to avoid issues during the test drive.


Lower the Car:

Carefully remove the jack stands and lower the Volvo truck.

Notice: Double-check to ensure no tools or debris are beneath the vehicle.


Test Drive:

Conduct a short test drive.

Notice: Avoid high speeds or rough driving during the test. Listen for any abnormal noises or vibrations.


Dispose of the Old Mount:

Dispose of the old engine mount in an environmentally-friendly manner, ideally by recycling.

Notice: Improper disposal can harm the environment.


Final special notice: Always remember that this procedure is generalized. There could be specific steps or precautions unique to your Volvo model. Always consult your vehicle’s service manual or a professional mechanic if unsure about any steps.

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