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Scania truck wheel hub 1814214,1471623

Scania truck wheel hub 1814214,1471623


Scania truck wheel hub 1814214,1471623


The wheel hub assembly in a Scania truck, as in any other vehicle, plays a critical role. It’s an integral component of the vehicle’s suspension and steering, housing the wheel bearings that allow the wheels to rotate smoothly and steadily. The wheel hub is also connected to the brake and ABS system of the truck.

Wheel hub issues on Scania trucks or any other type of vehicle may present in a few different ways. Here are some signs to look out for:

Signs of a broken Scania truck Wheel Hub

Strange Noises:

When the wheel hub is damaged, it can cause a humming or grinding noise that will typically increase in intensity as the vehicle accelerates. This noise is typically more pronounced when the vehicle is turning.


Vibration While Driving:

A broken or damaged wheel hub can cause noticeable vibrations. These might be felt through the steering wheel, particularly at high speeds, or when you’re making turns. The vibration can also be felt through the floorboard.


Loose Steering:

The steering of the truck may feel loose or unstable. This is often due to the play in the wheel hub, and it can cause the vehicle to wander or feel unstable at high speeds or when cornering.


Uneven Tire Wear:

If the wheel hub is not holding the wheel squarely, it can cause the tires to wear unevenly. If you see unusual wear patterns, like cupping or scalloping, it could indicate a problem with the wheel hub.


ABS Light Comes On:

Many Scania trucks have wheel speed sensors built into the hub. If the hub is failing, it can cause the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light to come on. This is because the broken hub may disrupt the sensor’s signal.


Visible Damage or Heat:

In some cases, you might be able to see visible signs of damage or excessive heat on the hub. This could include rust, cracks, or discoloration.


Excessive Play in the Wheel:

With the truck parked, you can grab the wheel at the top and bottom and try to rock it back and forth. If there is any play, or movement, this can be a sign of a failing wheel hub.


In conclusion, these signs are not definitive proof of a broken wheel hub. They could also indicate other problems like damaged wheel bearings, suspension issues, or tire problems. Always get your vehicle checked by a professional if you suspect something is wrong.


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