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Clutch Master Cylinder For VOLVO 21564394

Clutch Master Cylinder For VOLVO 21564394

OE Ref.: 20399980, 20399992

Application: Volvo truck

Common signs of a failing Alternator in a Volvo truck?

If the alternator is not working correctly, it can lead to various issues. Some common signs include:




OE Ref.: 21564394,  21232945

Application: Volvo truck

What symptoms may be the Clutch Master Cylinder

broken in Volvo truck?


1.Soft or Spongy Clutch Pedal:

This is the most common symptom. The clutch pedal might feel soft or spongy when pressed, or it could go all the way to the floor with little resistance.


2.Difficulty in Shifting Gears:

Since trucks have larger and more gears than typical passenger cars, a malfunctioning clutch system can cause significant difficulty in shifting, especially from a standstill.

There might be grinding or unusual noises when trying to shift.


3.Fluid Leakage:

A visible leak around the clutch pedal area or externally where the clutch master cylinder is connected could be a sign of a faulty cylinder. The leak can often be seen on the truck’s firewall where the master cylinder is located.


4.Reduced Fluid Levels:

The fluid reservoir might show lower than normal fluid levels due to a leak in the master cylinder.


5.Engaging or Disengaging Clutch Unexpectedly:

The clutch might start to engage or disengage unexpectedly, even when the pedal is not fully pressed or released.


6.Stiff Clutch Pedal:

In some cases, instead of the pedal feeling soft, it might become unusually hard to press.

7.Noises When Pressing the Clutch:

Abnormal noises like creaking or squeaking might be heard when the clutch pedal is pressed.


8.Inability to Disengage Clutch:

In severe cases, the clutch might not disengage at all, making it almost impossible to shift gears. This situation can be particularly challenging for truck drivers during heavy traffic conditions or when starting from a standstill.


If a Volvo truck shows any of these symptoms, it’s essential to have it checked by a professional, especially considering the larger size and weight of trucks. Driving with a faulty clutch system in such vehicles can be hazardous and can lead to more significant mechanical problems if not addressed promptly.


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